General Rules

Hack types, such as Fly, Speed, No Knockback, Scaffold, are not allowed.
Clients that provide unfair perks are not allowed on the server, therefore members are punished with a temporary ban.

Using hacks such as Aimbot, Kill Aura, Autoclicker, etc. is disallowed.
Cheating gives you an unfair advantage and it ruins the fun for everyone and is therefore punishable with a temporary ban.

Actions like constructing inappropriate buildings, having inappropriate names/skins/join-messages is not acceptable on the server and is therefore punishable with a temporary ban.

Boosting (abusing server glitches to your advantage) is not allowed and can get you permanently blacklisted from the server.
Instead of abusing the bugs, you should report them at our ticket support section to get rewarded with prizes.
Report Bugs

Spamming false reports using the /report command to waste a staff member's time is disallowed and can get you punished.

The server is protected from griefs. Attempting to destroy lobbies or gain yourself OP is permanently bannable from the server.

You are the only one responsible for your account. If you lose it, then chances are that you won't get it back. Please beware of the consequences!
Chat Rules

Advertising, such as sending IP adresses of other servers or any suspicious link is not allowed and can lead into a temporary mute.

Acting disrespectful against a staff member or any member can lead into a temporary mute.

Being disrespectful against another player's religion, culture or anything in this direction is not allowed and will get you muted.

Spamming messages into the chat (a minimum of three messages within a period of 60 seconds) is not allowed and can lead into a temporary mute.

Saying inappropriate words/sentences counts as Swearing and can get you temporarily muted.
Discord Rules

Being respectful is a very important rule and therefore it's the first. Breaking this rule can get you banned or muted depending on how disrespectful the behaviour is.

Swearing is not something we appreciate here, thus it is is disallowed and it should not be attempted by any member. This rule is applied to usernames, nicknames, statuses and profile pictures.

Earraping or anything similar to it does not create the envirnoment that we're aiming for when it comes to voice-chatting.

Every channel has its purpose. As an example, talking in a channel related to bot commands or using bot commands in a chatting channel is not allowed.

Ban/Mute can be punished with a temporary ban.

We strongly stick to the Discord Tearms of Service. Please read them in order not to get punished: Terms

Have questions?

For further question related to our rules, please open a ticket: